Gondola Venice

Gondola History

Summary of the millennial history of the gondola as well as how it is constructed with all its phases in the ancient Squeri that still today preserve this art wisely handed down from father to son.


The art of Gondolier The tour gondola venice we propose the last 60 minutes is entirely dedicated to all those who wish to learn the ancient art of Venetian rowing. This unusual tour gondola venice will take place along a school path through the Grand Canal in the part facing toward Saint Mark’s,  allowing you

glass gondola

Glass Gondola to discover the most beautiful and less busy canals frequented by the mass tourism, in addition to the fact that each tour gondola has a very specific itinerary that touches various strategic and cultural places of the city. After the gondola ride, you will visit an old and famous Glassware in Murano where

gondola ride venice

Romantic and breathtaking Canals Each gondola seats 6 people and is reserved for the person/people that book it. Gondola Ride Venice will not be shared with persons not involved in the tour. Each tour lasts about 30 minutes and the price refers to the private gondola not to be shared with others. List of Private

gondola history

Simply unique Gondola history as a unique, inimitable and fascinating boat dating back to 1094. Only in the ‘800, the gondola acquires the current shape for a greater manoeuvrability and visibility to the gondolier. Until the last years of 800, the hull was not painted but pitched with calafati (ancient art to clean and stagnate