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Venice Sunset was set up in 2009 based on a specific project designed by its founders Alberto and Stefano.

This project is based on a personal custom counseling which analyzes every single aspect of the Customer’s needs. Lovers of an elegant and simple lifestyle, for Alberto and Stefano creating Venice Sunset has meant the creation of a new expression of luxury and consequently a different way of living it.

The emotional journeys do not reflect the idea of a traditional luxury but, on the contrary, a manic research of the particular and elegant thing that can also be found in the simplicity of traditions.

Prior to this new and exciting adventure, we have had different work experiences in Italy and abroad, ranging from the world of fashion to the design sector. A similar path has been a fertile ground for the cultivation of all those skills that now are used to offering ourselves as prompters of an innovative lifestyle.

Energetic and positive people that every day transmit their passion and enthusiasm to their employees in order to create the necessary synergy so that every job must be perfect!!

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