Paragliding, bikers, and hikers

Albenga is a well known holiday resort located in the Province of Savona in Liguria. The whole resort is renowned for lovers of the outdoors as paragliding, bikers, and hikers, as well as the presence of good infrastructure and services for trekking and Companies producing oil and wine of excellent quality and local crafts such as the glass of Altare and the ceramics of Albissola.

The surrounding sea is clear and clean with the sand of the coast having different nuances as in Alassio with its slightly pinkish sand, Alassio with pink sand and Varigotti with ivory sands. The whole area has been having for years the European blue flag for the cleanliness of the beaches and the sea.

Albenga, Vado, and Ventimiglia, are three Roman cities of western Liguria. The old town of Albenga is well preserved with the characteristic houses side by side and its important medieval towers that give it the appearance of a village where time has never spent, in addition to other ancient towns in the area such as Finalborgo, erected by the Marquis Del Carretto in 1100 with slate portals still intact, churches, ancient villas and numerous craftsmen who still work in iron, glass and ceramics.

The natural park of Albenga

The Riviera Palme is surrounded by numerous parks: the Beigua is a natural park and the largest of Liguria located in the protected area of Piana Crixia. The Regional Park of the Bric Tana is characterized by the spiers of limestone that arise between the compact forests by creating a very picturesque natural scenery.