Thousand inhabitants

Alberona is a medieval town located in the province of Foggia in Puglia with a population of just one thousand inhabitants, which increases during the summer with the arrival of many tourists.

The origins of the village date back to 1000 with the arrival of the first Calabrian escaped from the incursions of Saracen pirates who plundered the coasts of Calabria. Subsequently, it was conquered by Frederick II in 1220 that formed an alliance with the Saracens. In 1312, the Council of Vienna established the suppression of the Templars. Alberona became the property of the Knights of Jerusalem, also called the Knights of Malta that gave it privileges and judicial autonomy. Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was plagued by disasters. In 1656 the plague killed 384 inhabitants of the borough including General Vicar don Pietro de Nigris and was buried in the graves of the four existing churches at the time. Due to the termination of the beneficial presence of the Knights of Malta in 1808, there was an increase in crime that caused sixty-six victims. Between the nineteenth and twentieth century, the site was subject to an intense migration towards the Americas and northern Italy.

The town mainly consists of characteristics farmhouses in white stone or brick, and there are many monuments and places of interest such as the Church of San Rocco in neo-Gothic style, the Mother Church built by the Knights Templar, the bell in the past used a military tower that highlights the Templar presence with two slabs of stone with the coat of arms of the Knights of Malta, the Palace and the Tower of the Grand Prior of the twelfth century, the fountain with its vigorous waters of the doorways and doorposts with their artistic engraving that can be seen along the narrow streets of the village, the intact Arco Calabrese of the fourteenth century, the Church of St. Joseph of the XVI century with its beautiful Gothic portal and the altar stone, the Arch dei Mille of the XV century, the Fontana muta (fountain) of the nineteenth century whose waters end in the stone basins and the Muraglione from where you can admire the beautiful Tremiti Islands.

The good food of Alberona

Noteworthy are the culinary products of the village as the exceptional extra virgin olive oil, cold cuts, cheeses, lush homemade pasta and traditional bread from Puglia, in addition to lamb stew, boiled and countless other dishes of extreme goodness that every good cook in the zone will advise you.