Alpi Apuane

Caves and prehistoric settlements

Alpi Apuane is a mountain range located north of Tuscany, which includes the provinces of Massa Carrara and Lucca as well as Vecchiano situated in the Province of Pisa. The territory is part of the Natural Park of Alpi Apuane full of caves, prehistoric settlements, minerals, and fossils.

The mountain is composed of metamorphic rocks of calcium carbonate with microcrystals for the production of the famous Carrara marble used by architects from around the world to embellish churches, palaces, monuments, and houses of wealthy people. Marble mining began over two thousand years ago by the Etruscans and then continued by the Romans. The extraction basins are: Campanile, Belgium, Torano, Gioia, Calocara, and Canalgrande; each of these areas has a specific marble feature depending on the use to which it will subsequently be subjected.

Alpi Apuane for lovers of the open air

The area is also enhanced by high mountain refuges, trails for mountain biking, hiking trails (some recommended for experienced hikers with their equipment) equestrian, castles and fortified places, trekking, climbing routes, villages set among steep streets and diverse flora and fauna of unparalleled beauty that only here can be found. For lovers and daring hikers, this is where you can make wonderful walks with a pair of mountain boots and a backpack with everything you need for the climbing.