Artisan Perfume

The origins of perfume boast a history and culture of nearly seven millennia with religious and profane functions. In fact, the term perfume comes from Latin “for fumum” which means “through smoke” since the first fragrances had burnt essences such as the incense offered in sacredness to the Gods and Ancestors. The art of mixing the aromas, originating in the Middle East, spread later in the West between Greece and Rome and followed in Asia by trading with the Arab merchants. Ancient Egypt has a true testimony to the use of perfume used in temples and religious rituals for the purification of the body and the mind of the person in life besides the rite in the embalming of the dead with artisan perfume.

Considering that essences are an integral part of our daily life, we have created a team-building in Venice to make artisan perfume that will be supported by a Tutor who still produces them with great success in order to engage loving participants of this millennial art. The basics of the different compositions of the various essences will be taught in order to carry out a scent with your own olfactory notes. The Teacher will present, with the help of media, introductory history of perfume and its development over the centuries, also explaining the typology between different cultures and geographical areas.

Artisan perfume technique

The teaching of the technique will carry on by means of media and paper support for the creation of perfume explaining what are the essential components and how they are eviscerated among themselves for the creation of the finished product. Always with multimedia support, you will know the olfactory families classified on the “bases” from which all the fragrances are then created with the introduction of the olfactory pyramid, natural raw materials, and synthesis with the presentation of the most important ones and their use through the smell. Finally, we will proceed with the preparation of a real scent by means of a special kit containing the raw materials with eight different fragrances, instruments, bottles and recipes for the creation of perfume that will then be kept by the participants.

The team building artisan perfume has a duration of 2 hours and can be done in English and is aimed at up to 30 people.

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