Barbacani Venice

Made of wooden beams or stone

It is interesting to know and explore the millenary history of Venice not only through the classic tourist routes but also through the mysteries, the curiosities, the secret places, the sculptures and the capitals leaning out by looking up in some places of Venice if you know where to look with a careful eye and watch out for the particularities. The barbacani Venice is an architectural structure used to recover living space without reducing the space available for pedestrian traffic. Special wooden or stone beams emerge and sustain at the level of the first floor of a building the ledge of a building over the “calle” or “campo” below. In this way, the first floor and all the upper floors can take advantage of a larger surface area than the one available on the ground floor.

Places you can find Barbacani Venice

In Rialto, Calle Della Madonna 574, framed on the wall and hidden among the facades of the last houses in Riva del Vin, you can find a Barbacane made of Istrian stone, on which stands the inscription FOR DE IVRISDICIOM DE BARBACANI. This stone was used as a model to the implementation of the wooden reinforcements for the walls, which dimensions were strictly laid down by the authorities to prevent abuses. Other Barbacani Venice better preserved are visible near Rialto Bridge, Calle del Paradiso and near Campo Santa Maria Formosa. Only in Venice can these unique architectural structures be admired; in fact, in some parts, they give the impression that it is a succession of houses.