Battlefield Tours

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia has been subjected between 1915 and 1917 of violent clashes between the Italian and Austro-Hungarian Empire army. The area of Carso and Isonzo, the Alps, the Julian Alps, the Carnic Alps and the hilly area along the river Tagliamento was the scene of bloody battles. These war zones of fierce clashes are today itineraries for visiting the battlefield tours trenches built by soldiers, museums, Italian Shrines, Austro-Hungarian cemeteries, monuments, historic buildings, and military fortifications. Not only historical tours, but also lush natural landscapes and exciting walking itineraries with twenty-two trails.

Battlefield Tours: Veneto

Asiago was the scene of fierce battles during the Great War that left obvious signs still visible as military trenches and fortifications are hidden in the woods, hills, pastures and green meadows.

Mount Ortigara where the battle took place in June of 1917 with the area full of remains and monuments such as the famous broken column placed on top.

Mount Zebio full of Italian trenches recently cleaned near the Refuge Stalder and Crocetta of Zebio, in addition to several machine-gun. It is an area rich in vegetation and fauna with beautiful views of the valley.

Mount Cengio, an area of monuments in memory of the fallen with path overlooking the Po Valley with several tunnels dug during the Great War.

Fort Campolongo with nature trail and visit to the karst of the Sciason and the historical path to the summit of Cima Campolongo to visit the ruins of an Italian strong.

Bocchetta Portule with remains of military works in a setting rich in flora and fauna and breathtaking views.

Fort Corbin privately owned, with a visit inside thanks to the recent renovation, in addition to the small museum.

Mount Verena rich in vegetation with historical evidence such as the Italian strong situated on the highest point of the trail.

The path of the 5 former cemeteries of the First World War, which were done recent work with the reconstruction of wooden crosses and the recovery of the original gravestones and monuments.

You will also visit the War Museum in Canove di Roana and the majestic Ossuary of Asiago.

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