Beach Volleyball Sand

Beach volleyball sand or better known by the name of beach volleyball is a team game that takes place on the beach by means of two opposing teams that measure themselves on the sand field divided by a net. The beach volleyball in Venice that we propose is a very understood and cohesive game and aims to involve a company team divided by two teams to compete and challenge each other through the game, strategy and mutual knowledge in order to make win your team, then to report this beneficial effect in the various company offices for the resolution of daily problems.

Corporate team-building with specific beach volleyball sand activity in Venice

The beach volleyball technique is to send the ball over the net to make it fall on the other side of the rival field trying to oppose the same goal as the opposing team. Each team has three touches, including the touch of the wall. The ball is brought into play with a service, i.e. a blow from the server over the net to the opponent’s court. The exchange continues until the ball touches the ground, out of the field, or a team fails in the tentative to attack. The team that won the exchange wins a point (rally point system – volleyball rule to guarantee the assignment of points to each service). If it is the receiving team that wins the exchange, in addition to the point, it earns the right to serve. The service player must change every time this combination occurs.

The beach volleyball sand has Californian and Hawaiian origins and nowadays this sport has become very popular especially for competitions related to corporate team building.

This corporate team building can be done both in Venice and Jesolo.

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