Ancient origins

Bibione probably its origins dates back to the regression of waters, after which the first men founded the first units based on hunting and fishing. In the fifth millennium B.C, villages were built, land cultivation began and animals were bred.

Three thousand years ago, people with a lot of legends and mystery arrived: the Venetian, an evolved civilization, which, according to the findings found, spoke the language of Etruscan derivation only known in this area.

They lived in the lagoon, but soon they mixed with the “carni” of Celtic origin located on the Eastside. After some recent archeological excavations in the area called “Duna Matteron Dei Frati’ located in the Val Grande, it is believed that its history starts with the domain of the Roman Empire with Rome that colonizes the “Venetia” and Friuli, founded in 181 B.C. the colony of Aquileia. Its name has probably Latin or old Roman origin. With the first excavations in 1883, ancient Roman buildings and structures in masonry mosaic floors emerged, stained glass, pottery, pieces of amphora and two copper coins with portraits of the Emperors Julian and Flavius Victor were found. Foundations of buildings and objects dating back to the Roman Empire came out during excavations in 1932. Around the year one thousand, it passed under the jurisdiction of the Bishops of Concordia.

In 1300-1400, with the advent of the Republic of Venice, the Venetian nobles settled down and the land from the mouth of the Tagliamento in Baseleghe first passed into the hands of Constantine and then to Antonio Caccia from Trieste. Because of its distance, Bibione was supported for years by the most important historical events, the land was inhabited by fishermen and was surrounded by pine forests inhabited by wild animals. The very long beach of this seaside resort is placed in the eastern Veneto side, the sand is very thin and its waters are crystalline.

The Spas of Bibione

Due to lack of crowd like other seaside zones in the Veneto Region, the place is yearly visited by countless tourists especially Austrians and Germans. Bibione is also known for its Thermae combining aspects of the body in ancient stations tradition until the improvement of the perception of your spirit and mind. The reserves of thermal waters have a consistency of 400 million cubic meters and are located at about 500 meters deep with a temperature of 52 °C – its chemical and physical characteristics have a classification hyperthermal sodium bicarbonate-alkaline fluorspar. A typical installation of the establishment of Bibione thermae is without any doubt at the thermae Grotta where, water, falling from a waterfall, develops into a natural way warm and saturated steam useful for inhalation of terpenic oils substances.