Bragozzo Boat

History of Bragozzo Boat

Bragozzo boat was used for fishing and transportation of goods from the islands of Kvarner. It sailed inside the lagoon and off the coast. The spread of bragozzo boat developed in the eighteenth century when the fishers from Chioggia replaced it for economy reasons to the tartan.

The hull had a length of 12 meters. Depending on their length set up one or two mainmast. These boats went out in pairs, sailing at the same time and dragging a net called “tartana” or “cocchia”.

The hull was rounded with a high and bulged bow – while the stern was pudgy and receded. It had a flat bottom with two mainmast with sails. Feature of these flat-bottomed boats was the rudder, it was very wide with the possibility to lift it with low water. With flat-bottomed boats such as the bragozzo, the rudder gave stability and was reinforced by transverse iron.


The lugsail of bragozzo boat was adorned with paintings and drawings of religious inspiration, sailor or astronomical, with ochre-coloured, black or brown. The coloring was used to make the sail more durable and visible afar off. Today, this beautiful boat is used for touring around the island of Venice prior to specific sailing courses held by masters. Nowadays you can still admire these boats sailing along the lagoon of Venice for tourism purposes or owned by Venetians who use them for free time or to go inside the small canals as it would be impossible to access them with other boats. However, their beauty and functionality with the typical color has remained unchanged over time.