Port of the grapevine

The medieval town of Brolo is located in the province of Messina and its name derives from the Latin “brolum” (cultivated field or flower garden). For the Arabs, however, was known by the name “Marsa Daliah”, “port of the grapevine” for the loading of the wine in the holds of ships. Due to some historical evidence, “Via Valeria” was the main road of the island and main artery for trade and linked the northern Sicily from west to east and from the Straits of Messina to Cape Lilibeo or Cape Boeo (extreme western tip of Sicily). The village grew around the castle built overlooking the sea, the coast and the beaches for protection from pirates.

The first nucleus of the country was developed in 1094 near the walls of the castle known in Roman times with the Arabic name “Voab – rock sea. The castle was erected by Emperor II of Swabia and Bianca Lancia (a noblewoman from Piedmont) in 1231, later became an important commercial center for trade between its harbor and villages located in the hills of Nebrodi. In 1543, the pirate Barbarossa built the prisons of Kair-ed-din. In 1682, the port was completely destroyed by the floods of the rivers.

The historic city center is decorated with ancient watchtowers and from various paths around the walls of the sixteenth century as well as the presence of the first settlement having an irregular path that resembles a kasbah; down the nucleus, numerous green spaces covered with palm trees. The extension began in the eighteenth century, where many houses were built near the 1764 Mother Church erected by Vincenzo Abate, Marquis of Longarino and Lord of Brolo. Subsequently, there were nineteenth-century buildings along the royal road, today the current course such as the Baratta, Maniaci, Germanà, and Gembillo palaces. Another route of considerable interest is the one of the industrial district located in Iannello with evident traces of the silver mines of the eighteenth century as well as some galleries obtained that were used in World War II as shelters for the displaced.

Incaciata of Brolo

Many are the food products as the typical and traditional ice cream celebrated in the month of June with a big party and the chance to taste more than one hundred different flavors. About pasta such “incaciata” sauce with sausage, seeds fennel, tomatoes, peppers, and broccoli. For the main courses, however, there is the “tuna imbottonato” and the roasted cockerel made according to the typical recipe of the place.