Cannaregio Venice

Luxury, Beauty and Charm

Thus Cannaregio Venice tour begins from Rialto bridge leading along a journey to discover one of the most authentic Districts of Venice. Some Byzantine arches decorated with pàtere showing the place where the house of Marco Polo was; it is  the perfect place to commemorate his incredible journey lasted 27 year s through the near and Far East. We will continue to the north east of the city. Cannaregio, developed away from the commercial and political Rialto and St. Mark’s, this secluded area still retains an unchanged Venetian character. Along the promenade we will speak of the ancient Brotherhoods of Venice by viewing the buildings that housed the School of Mercy, will admire the northern lagoon and the islands of St. Michele and Murano, and we will visit the church of San Cristoforo which houses some great works by Tintoretto, whose birthplace was nearby.

The first Ghetto in Cannaregio Venice

Our Cannaregio Venice tour ends at Campo del Ghetto Nuovo (Jewish Ghetto), one of the few places in town without a church. Here, was put the first Jewish communities of different countries who arrived in Venice since 1516 until the end of the Republic. A narrow space inhabited by a cosmopolitan group of Jews who have contributed both to maintain commercial ties with Venice and East as well as to spread the Jewish culture in the world thanks to the Venetian printers that have produced invaluable volumes. The first printers arrived in Venice were from Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Cretian, Istrian anse several from Italy.

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