Capri and Amalfi Coast

A breathtaking route

Capri and Amalfi Coast are renowned worldwide for its natural beauty and its coastline with a length of about seventeen Kilometres.

The island has a millennial history that left a legacy of many churches, monasteries and villas such as that of Augustus who was the first to build it in 29 BC, followed later by Tiberius and other emperors and Roman nobles. In 1826, with the discovery of the Blue Grotto or “Cave Gradola” for the islanders, began an exodus of artists, intellectuals and wealthy.

Capri and Amalfi Coast

There are many landscapes to visit such: Natural Arch – Pizzolungo, Belvedere Cannone, the historic center of Capri, Marina Grande, Marina Piccola, Tragara, Via Krupp – Gardens of Augustus, the Isle of the sea and its caves, the Migliera, the Boffe, Monte Solaro – Cetrella, Punta Carena and Faro, Fortini Trail, Trail Passetiello and the Philosophical Park.

The flora and fauna of capri and amalfi coast have an important role on the island with the typical Mediterranean vegetation that gives the environment a single beauty. For the fauna instead, there are many birds that nest in addition to the annual migration due to the particular geographic position of the center of the Mediterranean which is a real bridge to the African continent.