Beach Resorts Near Venice

Beaches of the Veneto Region

The Veneto Region is full of beach resorts near Venice where every year many tourists arrive from all over Europe and sometimes also from intercontinental travel to spend their holidays. These places are very crowded in summertime, but also during the winter some people arrive to spend a few days in total relax.

All the seaside resorts are located in the Province of Venice. Each of these places are well known for the night life, for the spa, for the Roman settlements, or for the particular quality of fine sand rich in augite, quartz, silicates and micaceous elements recommended for special care of the respiratory and rheumatic diseases.

All these aerea are accessible to Venice by rail, bus and car within few hours, as well as you can also find local info about the right place to go or the climate that time of year would be really useful to go.


Ancient origins Bibione probably its origins dates back to the regression of waters, after which the first men founded the first units based on hunting and fishing. In the fifth millennium B.C, villages were built, land cultivation began and animals were bred. Three thousand years ago, people with a lot of legends and mystery arrived:


Ancient origins Sottomarina translated into the Venetian dialect “Marina” is a major tourist area of the Municipality of Chioggia. It is located about sixty kilometers from Venice and Rovigo and about eighty from the city of Padua as well as with an easily approachable from the city of Treviso, Vicenza, and Verona. Sottomarina has ancient


Districts and narrow streets Caorle is situated between the mouths of rivers Livenza and Lemene: It overlooks the Adriatic Sea to the north east side of the Venice lagoon among the tourist destinations of Eraclea and Bibione. The territory is divided into several districts and the city center with the Duomo (cathedral) from which spread

la città del divertimento

Nerve center for nightlife Jesolo extends along the Venetian coast on a flat territory overlooking the Adriatic Sea and is surrounded by the Jesolo lagoon, the Sile and Piave rivers. The current territory which in ancient times was a lagoon, inside which stood some small islands, of which the one called by the Romans “Equilium”