Discovering the most beautiful Cities of Campania

Capri with its coastline overlooking the sea, Naples with its millenarian history, Ischia with its relics of the Napoleonic period, Ercolano with its exhibits of Roman times and the Peninsula of Sorrento with its ancient villages.

capri and amalfi coast

A breathtaking route Capri and Amalfi Coast are renowned worldwide for its natural beauty and its coastline with a length of about seventeen Kilometres. The island has a millennial history that left a legacy of many churches, monasteries and villas such as that of Augustus who was the first to build it in 29 BC,

naples history

Worshiped by Magna Grecia Naples history, darling of the Magna Graecia, with a succession of foreign dominations, has played a very important status not only in Italy but also in Europe. In the seventh century with the collapse of the Roman Empire, the city was just a duchy, from the thirteenth century and for six


The beauty of the volcano The volcanic island of Ischia Italy is located at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples with nearby Procida and Vivara. Several finds of the Neolithic period were discovered including the discovery of a farm Greek wealthy farmers in the first settlement dates back to around 790, 780 BC.

ercolano ruins

Roman Town Ercolano ruins are located in the Province of Naples, its ancient origins dates back to IV century BC. It participated in the social war won and conquered in the ‘89 BC later becoming a Roman town, controlled by Rome. It was loved by the educated and wealthy Romans especially in suburban Villa of


Scenery overlooking the sea The peninsula of Sorrento in Campania covers nine municipalities located in the Province of Naples and twelve in the Province of Salerno. The landscape of unparalleled beauty is nestled between hills and mountains that with expert human touch have been transformed into cozy terraces that thrive onto the sea. Meta, Piano