Discovering Lazio Region

There are many cities in the Lazio Region to discover and to live with its long history and its nice people.

lago bolsena

Cultivation of vineyards and olive oils Lago Bolsena of volcanic origin, is located in the province of Viterbo and its extension is among the largest lakes in Italy. The lake is viable by boat departing from Capodimonte or Bolsena and its shores are cultivated with vineyards and olive trees and adorned with oak and chestnut


Etruscan origins Tarquinia is located in the Province of Viterbo, about 45 kilometers from the capital. The town has Etruscan origins and still retains the passage of various ages from Roman Gravisca to medieval of Corneto. Etruscans Kings offspring including the elder Tarquin Prisco, Servius Tullius, and Tarquin the Proud. The city was repeatedly fought


The city of Sabines and Latins Tivoli the ancient Latin city as “Tibur” is located in the Province of Rome. The city was a convergence of populations of the Sabines and Latins with the current existence of the sanctuary of Hercules of the second century BC. In the first century BC was recognized Roman town

castelli romani

The favorite place of the rich Patrizi Castelli Romani are embellished with Roman and medieval castles, quaint towns, ancient villages, prestigious villas and archaeological remains which enhance the approximately 9,500-acre regional Park of the Castelli Romani in the Alban Hills located in the ancient centuries and regarded as places of resort of wealthy by the


The noble villa of the Emperor Tiberius Sperlonga Italy is a medieval village in Lazio, in the province of Latina. In the village there are several historical dating back to Roman times with several villas including the one of the Emperor Tiberius. The town developed around a castle that included a small church dedicated to

rome history

The city of Popes Rome history located in the Province of Rome and is the largest municipality of Rome for its extension. The city is part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city has a history of three thousand years with its capital of the Roman Empire that stretched from the Mediterranean to almost half


The old village Licenza is a medieval village perched on a hill with little more than a thousand inhabitants located in the province of Rome and about fifty-six km from the capital, forming part of the Montana Zone X Aniene and the Natural Park of Monti Lucretili. The country contains numerous archaeological monuments of historical