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Morocco is an extraordinary country located in the western part of North Africa. It has a varied territory ranging from the Saharan dunes to the splendid peaks of the High Atlas to finish on the Atlantic coast. A territory with boundless landscapes, surrounded by clear air that enlivens its colours and where the nights take on a particular atmosphere under a clear and magical starry sky. It is the ideal place for a classy Morocco incentive.

In Morocco we can visit the most fascinating medinas on the African continent. Ancient centres that were located on the routes of the caravan traveled by traders and nomads with their loads of precious goods. The most important are Fès (with the largest medina in Africa). The old city is made up of a myriad of alleys where only their inhabitants know how to move safely. Fès is the noble city, where there is a very important center of Islamic studies and where you can find fine craftsmanship.

Not to mention the famous pink city of Marrakech with the clay ramparts surrounding it having the same colour. It has always been a destination for artists and intellectuals who often returned or even moved there attracted by its charm. The atmosphere that you breathe is unique. Alongside the traditional Souq and the very famous Jemaa el-Fna, elegant shops have sprung up that convey the charm of tradition mixed with modernity.

Morocco is an explosion of colours also represented by other beautiful cities such as the capital Rabat known for its symbolic references of its Islamic heritage and French colonialism, including the Kasba of the Oudaïa; Quarzarate for its military and administrative center; Merzouga for its oasis in the desert and others of no less importance for the realization of your Morocco incentive.

spiritual retreat

If you have never experienced a spiritual retreat; that is a shamanic experience in the Moroccan desert, it’s time to do it!! Once the fire was the only source of light and heat. The man sat around the fire under the starry sky to cook food and to warm himself from the colds of the

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