Discovering the Region of Sicily

The Region of Sicily with its very small and old towns scattered all over, is a place with a lot of history and scenery of absolute beauty.


Port of the grapevine The medieval town of Brolo is located in the province of Messina and its name derives from the Latin “brolum” (cultivated field or flower garden). For the Arabs, however, was known by the name “Marsa Daliah”, “port of the grapevine” for the loading of the wine in the holds of ships.


Just 900 hundred people live in The medieval village of Sperlinga has a population of just nine hundred inhabitants and is situated between the Nebrodi and Madonie mountains in the province of Enna in the heart of Sicily. Many were families and feuds that have conquered the country built as a feudal village at the


Sicily of the past The beautiful medieval village of Cefalù, located in the northern coast of Sicily in the Province of Palermo, is another of those places that must be seen in order to discover the old and unchanged Sicily. Built on a promontory dominated by a cliff, the town has preserved its ancient appearance.

novara di sicilia

Enchanting landscapes and natural views Novara di Sicilia is a medieval village graced by beautiful landscapes and natural views located in the Province of Messina with a population of just over a thousand inhabitants. The borough is situated on a scenic valley that marks the boundaries of Nebrodi and Peloritani with the Fortress of the

san marco d'alunzio

Haluntium San Marco D’Alunzio is a medieval village of little more than two thousand inhabitants located in the Province of Messina. The Romans arrived in San Marco d’Alunzio in the third century BC giving the name of Haluntium, later became city decumana “in Latin decumanus” (street running east to west in Roman times) and in