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The Travel Designer Venice is above all a Traveler and Consultant specialized in “luxury experiences”. His job is to provide his professionalism in organizing trips for others as he knows the territory personally.

Obviously, as well as being a tireless and passionate Traveler, he must have the technical skills related to the world of tourism, knowing the issues related to it so to offer guarantees and legal protections to the Customer.

Many people propose themselves as Travel Designer but unfortunately without having neither the knowledge, nor the expertise nor the authorization as, according to the rules in force in Italy, to sell travel packages and to propose itself as a Travel Consultant, you need a special authorization issued by the Province of belonging, in addition to the fact that within the Office there must be a Technical Director who in turn has acquired this authorization through a specific examination. The Agency or Tour Operator, to exercise the profession in a regular and transparent way, must have entered into insurance policies to protect its Customers even more.

Therefore, we recommend, as Travel Designer Venice, to refer to serious, competent and professional people who daily transmit that added value to the Customer through transparency and continuous professionalism acquired during a decade in the sector.

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True luxury is not traveling, but doing it with style – looking for new destinations and original experiences to remember and share over time with the help of competent and professional Travel Designers, regularly qualified and not individuals who improvise in this activity. Luxury travel is constantly evolving. Wealthy Guests who leave the planning to

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Venice Sunset was set up in 2009 based on a precise project conceived by the founders Alberto Nalesso and Stefano Giacomelli. This project is based on a form of advice that is not limited to elaborating a business event or a journey but building a real path that begins with the analysis of preferences, expectations