Travel Designer

Travel Designer in Venice and Italy

A Travel Designer is the professional who helps to realize your dream. Do you have an idea of your itinerary but do not know how to customize it? This is the right person for you. Reliable and professional people helping every day you with your travel package and take care of you from the very beginning of your trip until the very end.

Energetic and positive people that every day transmit their deep passion and enthusiasm to their employees in order to make for Travel Designer Venice the necessary synergy so that every job must be perfect and flawless and the Customer may retain a good memory!!

Rely on our advice and professionalism, we are sure that you will be mesmerised from the many things we have to offer and how we handle all this. We have been working with the major Tour Operators around the world in order to offer and guarantee the best services to every single Customer.

travel designer venice

Venice Sunset was set up in 2009 based on a precise project conceived by the founders Alberto Nalesso and Stefano Giacomelli. This project is based on a form of advice that is not limited to elaborate a business event or a journey, but to build a real path that begins with the analysis of preferences,