Event Venues

For your Corporate events, we propose unique venues suitable for events in Venice and throughout the Veneto Region such as Historic Palaces, Venetian Villas, Luxury Hotels, Castles and Modernly Renovated Locations, plus specific staff that will assist you.

All of the locations we have selected are adapt for any kind of event as they are located either in the most important Districts of Venice or on the mainland just a few minutes drive from Venice.

venice garden

Venice many centuries ago was a place of renowned presence of botanical gardens. Even today, the city is a heaven of culture in the area of unpublished herbs, stories of secluded gardens and historic documents preciously kept in the city’s most beautiful historic buildings. The Venice garden has always represented for the city a place

event venues venice

Event venues Venice. For the organization of your gala dinner, a meeting or a convention in a important and unusual location in Venice, we propose alternative solutions as lofts, warehouses, old schools and old barns and galleries skillfully restored and with a post industrial setting, equipped with all the comforts to make your event impressive

luxury hotels venice

Luxury Hotels Venice. In Venice there are many luxury hotel situated on the Grand Canal and in other districts that are suitable for events, conferences, gala dinners and meetings because in addition to luxury represented by rooms with stucco decorations and antique furniture, these structures have staff of absolute prestige, as well as rooms for

medieval castles

In the Veneto Region and in the Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, there are numerous castles lying in ancient medieval villages and positioned in strategic areas with easy access. The castles are private or used as luxury hotels with spa and beauty farms, renowned restaurants, wine cellars, wine bars and lush parks. Many of these

villas in venice

Just a few kilometers away from Venice, there are some of the beautiful Venetian villas that have been lovingly restored to ancient splendor, embellished with antique stucco, tapestries, antique furniture, chandeliers and other objects of absolute prestige, as well as gardens surrounded by secular trees and pools built over time. Over the centuries, many of

venetian palace

Organizing an event, a gala dinner, a meeting, a cocktail party or a ball of class in one of our Venetian Palace, in order to be successful needs a lot of attention so to create the right scenographyas and make it magic and fascinating. In Venice there are mansions belonging to the ancient Venetian Republic