Cicchetti Venice

Millenary tradition

Cicchetti Venice consists of an appetizer consumed in the morning rush between a stop and the other associated with an “ombra” (glass of wine) at a “Bacaro” typical and simple Venetian Osteria from its furnishings which offers a wide range of wines, food, and snacks. The term Bacaro, comes from “far bàcara” a Venetian expression meaning “to celebrate”.

How it is made

The composition of the cicchetti varies depending on the season and is mostly made up of: hot or cold meats or fish put on hot slightly heated plate bread – besides creamed codfish, sardee in saor (sardines in dressing of vinegar and onion), clams, sea snails, lightly cooked baby octopus and nerves (cartilage of calf boiled and served in vinegar and oil).

Cicchetti Venice with a glass of wine called “ombra”

The glass of wine, called “ombra”, takes its name from an ancient custom of the merchants of Venice who placed their stalls for the distribution of the wine in the shadow of St. Mark’s bell tower in order to keep it out from the sun. Even today, in Venice, there is a saying “andar per ombre” – that means, going from one bacaro to the other for a starter with a glass of wine. Cicchetti Venice and ombra is also a ritual to meet and socialize with old and new friends. Even today there are many Venetians who entertain themselves in these wonderful places full of life and authenticity; even tourists have begun to appreciate this unusual ritual that is difficult to find in other parts.