Dancing Team Building Venice

Nowadays team building has become essential for any small, medium or large company that wants to implement new communication strategies among its collaborators in order to improve the communication that often lacks between the various offices or departments. Scientific studies have shown that by means of extra-company training, it is possible to express at best any person, even the most introvert. Dancing team building Venice was born, precisely, to break down the barriers of communication.

A successful musical with dancing team building Venice

The project by dancing in a team consists of working with the participants on scenes and pieces taken from the most famous musicals known internationally. There will not be a musical on site but will prepare some choreography and excerpts from the most famous such as Grease, Cats, Chicago, Cabaret, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame de Paris, etc. etc. Our dancers and choreographers will help the participants in the creation of a real dance show that will experiment, get involved, learn and have fun through music and choreography simple and suitable for everyone.

The work will be divided into 3 parts:


The first part consists of approaching the participants to the basic theatrical techniques related to the body movement, relationship with the companions, use of the scenic space, elements of dance and acting.


  • Develop perceptive capacity;
  • Stimulate the imagination;
  • Develop creativity;
  • Discover new communication plans;
  • Develop an attitude of trust in oneself and in others;
  • To overcome any prejudices on the limits and on the psychophysical abilities of one’s own and of the companions;
  • Help to communicate and express themselves;
  • Create harmony and respect;
  • Facilitate the socialization process within the individual groups.


Participants divided into groups, will learn ballets and movements on the selected scenes and pieces chosen.


Representation of the work performed. Demonstration and performance of the participants in front of their colleagues.

Suitable from a minimum of 15/20 pax to a maximum of 50 pax. In case of a greater number of participants, it is necessary to divide several groups with the addition of some choreography. Representation indicated for an indoor place with a large room. Duration 3/4 hours.

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