Dragon Boat Venice

Following a quick but accurate briefing on how to row and on the behavior to keep the boat, you will be ready to get on the dragon boat Venice to compete and discover the less known places of the city and the beauty of its channels that intertwine to each other. Dragon boats depart from different points in the city depending on the number of people participating.

The dragon boat Venice are all timed

All participants will be equipped with life jackets and paddles and prepare for the challenge that will take place among the various dragon boat team building Venice and accompanied by instructors recognized by national federations and sporting organizations. All races will be resumed and timed in order to establish the final rankings and proceed with the award and delivery of the diplomas. The initiative to aggregate more people on the same boat contributes to a large extent to the development of team building as an aggregation tool for achieving through sport and fun for greater collaboration and working efficiency between the subordinates and management. At the end of the work, a brunch with a taste of typical Venetian cicchetti (local appetizers), or a lunch in some Trattoria in the city will be organized.

Infos on Venice dragon boat

The dragon boat is big Chinese canoe, 12 mt. long and 1.5 mt. wide. The boat can sit up to 20 people with 1 skipper and 1 drummer. In the team-building activity, 16 or 18 people are recommended for the boat. This activity is exceptional in order to grow and make compete groups of people. This activity is exceptional for growing and competing groups of people as it is necessary to have an absolute cohesion of all the crew members to compete and win the race.

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