Fonti Clitunno

Rare plant species

Fonti Clitunno is a nature park located in Campello Sul Clitunno, between the towns of Spoleto and Foligno, where in ancient times there were chapels, villas, and spas. The natural clear waters sources gush from fissures of the rock through the veins of water that feed the river Clitunno. The lake is fertile of rare plant species that enhance its beauty. The shores are surrounded by weeping willows and poplars which inspired poets, painters, writers such as Corot, George Byron and Giosuè Carducci who dedicated a poem and, in his memory for the visit of 1910, was built a marble stone, carved in bas-relief and inscription of Hugh Ojetti.

Poets and Emperors at Fonti Clitunno

Emperor Caligula was devoted to attending the oracle for the performance of religious rites as there was a belief that in the deep waters resided the god Clitunno. The three temples erected in ancient times, only one still exists close to sources ” the Temple on Clitunno”, perhaps built with materials of the destroyed temples which houses several ancient and precious frescoes in Umbria.

The Roman poets: Virgil and Sextus Aurelius Propertius, were dedicated to plunge cattle into the white waters before they were sacrificed because they are considered capable of making them blameless and supernatural.

For many centuries the waters of fonti clitunno poured into the Clitunno Plain so disorderly, until, with the drying up of Lake Clitorio, were controlled and made ​​to run under the Marroggia making them a navigable river to Rome, where it joined with the Tiber lasted until 440 AD. Following the massive earthquake that struck the area for six months, most of the groundwater veins disappeared.

The local fauna is characterized by some species of swans and waterfowl in addition to the fish.