Giglio Island

Clear water and lush

The beautiful Giglio Island is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Province of Grosseto, a combination of sun, relaxation, fun and lush surroundings. In addition to the beautiful beaches, on the island there are numerous hidden coves accessible only by tiny paths or by sea with available resources from the port of Giglio.

The vegetation of the island is mainly characterized by Mediterranean and pine trees as well as with vineyards for the production of an excellent local wine. The fauna on Isola Del Giglio is abundant and rich in various species of wildlife including several types of birds.

With its crystalline waters, the island is a paradise for lovers of diving, you can admire the red gorgonians, starfish belonging to the Astrospartus mediterraneus species, better known as Star gorgon.

Giglio Island and its archaeological finds

Cala Cupa, rich in archaeological finds has a depth ranging from 15 to 30 meters; the Scole suitable for both beginners and experts has a depth of 15 to 40 meters; Punta del Fenaio, only for experienced divers with a depth of 90 meters; Punta delle Secche frequented by rare sunfish has a depth of 15 to 50 meters; Punta Capel Rosso, where often there is the encounter with the snapper and tuna, has a depth of 20 to 40 meters; Scoglio del Corvo, recommended mainly for divers tested because of the strong current has a depth of 15 to 70 meters; Scoglio della Cappa with its sandy bottom up to 15 feet deep and populated by seahorses and Scoglio di Pietrabona with its moderate current and a depth ranging from 20 to 50 feet deep.