Glass Fusion Course Team Building Venice

Team building with Murano glass

The benefits of team building are widely acknowledged in order to increase awareness, participation, and cohesion among the various participants which must then be brought back to the Corporate environment in order to better coordinate the various departments. The unusual activity we propose takes place in a Murano historical Glassware with prepared staff to handle this kind of business plus a welcoming environment to make it unique for the glass fusion course team building Venice.

Learn the technique with our glass fusion course team building Venice

A multicolored glass plate is provided by the Glassware of the measure of cm. 10×10; glass materials are chosen for the creation of the object such as murrine, colored glass stains, colored glass rods, and colored glass plates. Then, with a special glue, the glass elements are applied creating a melting pattern (tree of life, Corporate logo or another object that the participant or group will decide to create). Once the object is created, the processed seed passes into the melting furnace at a temperature of 850 degrees Celsius and with a twelve-hour cooking process will merge the composition of the elements onto the glass plate to give life to the final design which will be highlighted.

It takes about 45 minutes per person to create different objects. All objects can be delivered after twelve hours if the participants are in a small number otherwise, for larger numbers, after five days at Customer’s expense.

Fused glass is recommended up to a maximum of 200 participants.

The glassware has a showroom where you can admire all the works made by skilled glass masters.

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