Gondola Oar: Forcola

Venetian Traditions

The gondola oar in Venetian known as “Forcola” is the oarlock on a gondola, this object is used to driving a boat with the oar. It is made with a unique piece of walnut wood, customized on the size and on the preferences of each gondolier. Every Venetian boat has a particular model of forcola. The forcola is undoubted a very technical and functional object which has a particular and fascinating aesthetic line and shapes that enhance the grain and the colors of walnut wood as well as the beauty and peculiarity of wood.

The gondola oar “Forcola” on the stern allows many functions of the oar: the starting point is suitable for the slowing voga and driving on the narrow canals; a solo fast rowing; a rowing with the help of another rower in the bow, stopping point, back row and other places where to support the oar during the various maneuvers.

Gondola Oar (Forcola) made by skilled Craftsmen

The Forcola is also a piece of art, an original sculpture and an elegant furniture which is entirely handmade in shipyards that are handed down from father to son who must execute all stages of processing from raw wood, the formation of the shape until the completion of the forcola ready to be used on a specific boat that it will be employed by the gondolier who has commissioned it. It is possible to visit these artisan places rich in history and charm where the phases of production and the finished product will be shown. In this way, you can really understand what a local artisan is able to create in his laboratories.

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