Group Activities Team Building

The group as a set of individual energies becomes a force capable of changing the world with our group activities team building.

In 1647, the population of Naples tired of the increasingly heavy tax burden imposed by the government of the Spanish viceroy (royal official who governs in representation of the sovereign), decided to impose new Gabelle (new taxes) further exasperating the Neapolitan population.

The city, which now reaches one million inhabitants, is reduced to starvation. Only the people pay taxes by exempting the nobles.

After ten days of protests, the government is forced to accept the demands of the angry people.

The revolutionary potential is enormous. Thanks to solidarity and cooperation it is possible to realize great projects.

Group Activities Team Building in Naples – The Masaniello Revolt

We will create some teams to face tasks crossing the intriguing alleys of the historic centre of Naples. Through this process, they identify themselves with various historical figures by acting in improvised scenes.

A set of puzzles to solve using all your intelligence; a totally new way to discover one of the most fascinating cities in the world and at the same time creating a strong team cooperation!

The location of this treasure hunt is the historic centre of Naples, or part of it including Spaccanapoli.

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