Gulf Of Poets

Historic towns and beautiful tourist areas

The Gulf of La Spezia also known as the Gulf Of Poets is a wide bay on the coast of the Ligurian Sea at the eastern end of Liguria. In the eastern and western ends of the Gulf, there are the villages of Porto Venere and Lerici, a famous tourist resort.

From Montemarcello in Porto Venere, proceeding to Lerici and La Spezia, you view some corners of unspoiled countryside, ancient villages, medieval churches and castles overlooking the sea, in addition to the beaches made of fine sand and the colorful and peculiar houses of the fishermen.

Porto Venere is of particular interest for the houses juxtaposed to one another, multi-colored rocks and crystal blue sea and with all its strength shatters against the rock where stands the Church of St. Peter.

From the promontory of Montemarcello you see the mouth of the Magra, west instead, the enchanting archipelago of Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto.

Behind the Gulf of Poets, there is Val di Vara, an area full of farms that still produce milk, vegetables, cheeses and organic meats with a focus on the environment through the use of wind and solar plants.

The remains of the amphitheater of the Gulf of Poets

The Val di Magra or land of a hundred castles, as in each center you can visit these monuments that preserve valuable antique furniture. The museum of the excavations of Luni, located in Ortonovo, is a former stronghold of the Roman with the remains of the amphitheater, public buildings, a temple and several mosaics still well preserved.