Luxury Handicrafts

Unique products for luxury lovers

Everyone is familiar with works of art made at glasswares in Murano, or products of the highest quality such as linen or cotton made from Lacemakers in Burano, precious fabrics that adorn the most famous Venetian Palaces manufactured by leading Companies based in Venice, in addition to other works produced by skilled hands such as Goldsmiths, Sculptors, Enamellers, Gilders, Painters, Printers, Master perfumers and Shoemakers who over time have consolidated their mastery and still produce the highest luxury handicrafts.

In the past, luxury was a must in Venice, as the wealthy Patricians and Venetian merchants were devoted exclusively to enjoy the best of the best. Each product had to be of impeccable quality and produced in very few specimens, if not unique.

Nowadays, both in Venice and surroundings, there are still Craftsmen who, with their mastery, can produce excellent products. In fact, these works are made exclusively on commission because, on one hand, they cost quite a lot of money but, on the other, they are of great value. Our task is not only to sell exclusive tourist services but also to promote worldwide luxury handicrafts of Venice and Veneto Region.

Luxury handicrafts for real Connoisseurs

For a careful and demanding clientele looking for the best luxury handicrafts and as lovers of perfection and elegance, we give you the opportunity to get in touch with these skilled Craftsmen for the realization of your object of desire with a personalized and unique proposal and by saving money at the same time because many brokerage steps are eliminated, exactly how the Nobles of the Serenissima Republic did when they commissioned their works to the best Craftsmen of the time.

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