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True luxury is not traveling, but doing it with style – looking for new destinations and original experiences to remember and share over time with the help of competent and professional Travel Designers, regularly qualified and not individuals who improvise in this activity. Luxury travel is constantly evolving. Wealthy Guests who leave the planning to the experts so that the journey can represent that moment of leisure and relaxation, combined with a program of intense cultural value capable of enriching the person and making it an integral part of strong emotions from our territory: accommodation in exclusive boutique hotels, excursions program that recall the traditions of our beautiful and sunny country, starred restaurants with class service, guided tours with well-trained and attentive guides, as well as top-notch transfers with our luxury Tour Operators in Italy.

Our sector is constantly evolving and therefore the staff of Venice Sunset is steadily engaged in the search for continuous innovations that the market requires. Our Agency, as well as operating in the Corporate sector for the creation of important events in the Italian territory, has been following up-level clients for several years now, who rely on leading North American tour operators.

The experience acquired in these years, interacting with a type of clientele that seeks the perfection of detail, has allowed us to develop an extreme ability to pamper and protect our Guests (we do not like calling them Customers) so that their journey into our country is fluid, smooth and full of emotions.

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Our services range from singles, couples or traveling families, that is to say, families who are passionate about travels with medium-high spending capacity, these are the travelers who generally turn to Travel Designers for a more specific search of the particular and the unique tailor-made journey. Even children nowadays play a role of primary importance in the family as they, too, become involved in the decision, therefore active and no longer passive protagonists of the trip.

For Guests who rely on our luxury Tour Operators in Italy for the realization of their dreams, we offer things that are sought after and out of the ordinary and in line with the most current trends such as eco-friendly travel, travel dedicated to the care and well-being of the person, culinary experiences and private excursions dedicated to nature and culture.

What else to say if not relying on the advice of our Travel Consultants who have made this work their reason for living with continuous dedication and professionalism.

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