Luxury Tuscany Vacations

If you are looking for a trip out of the ordinary, we invite you to linger in the following few lines, hoping that this will be effective to the point of directing your choice towards our proposal of luxury Tuscany vacations.

If we decide to visit Tuscany, we must plan a tour or a stay in the Chianti region. A beautiful territory that extends between Florence, Siena, and Arezzo. A unique landscape of undulating hills that take the name of the Chianti Mountains. Chianti is the right place to organize a luxury travel vacation because it has wonderful and unspoiled landscapes where time seems to have stopped; therefore, an ideal place to organize a relaxing luxury vacation to find your own inner balance.

If you want to find out why choose a luxury holiday with us, continue reading our article. A luxury holiday is enriched with culture.

That’s why we want to give you some little information.

The name Chianti, which seems to be of Etruscan origin, is world-famous for the cultivation of the namesake wine which we will make you taste in the most renowned cellars.

Classic Chianti is produced between Siena and Florence from Sangiovese grapes with the addition of international vines. It needs an average period of eight months to two years in large wooden barrels and a year in the bottle.

Luxury Tuscany vacations between vineyards and art

Your luxury Tuscany vacations in the Chianti region, will not only focus on wine but also on art. We will discover the villages of San Geminiano with its towers that were not used to sight the enemies, but to dry the fabrics dyed with saffron.

We will discover the excellence of this land by visiting other prestigious wineries where Brunello di Montalcino is produced, an ancient wine whose current version dates back to 1880. The austere fortress of Montalcino dominates the landscape of the area witnessing a past of struggles between Siena and Pisa.

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