Marmore Falls

Calcium salts on the rocks similar to marble

Marmore Falls is located a few kilometers from Terni, a compulsory stop for those who decide to visit Umbria. The waterfall is flow controlled as well as being among the highest and most important in Europe which name derived from calcium salts present on the rocks that are similar to marble. The rich waters are used for the production of electricity from neighboring central Galleto and it is possible to verify the operation for about a couple of hours per day as the cascade is brought to the maximum flow through an acoustic signal that alerts the opening of the gates of adjustment.

The origins of the Marmore Falls

Its origin dates back to the hydraulic system by the Roman Consul Curio Dentato who made dug a channel towards the cliff of Marmore to drain the river Velino, thus creating a unique setting with its sparkling waters that run a jump of 165 meters in an endless play of light.

The nearby Terni is situated on a plain and, with its glorious past, jealously guards its historical monuments as the Church of San Salvatore and the Romanesque Cathedral. A treasure chest full of history, but projected into the changes that the future requires us with its futuristic tower that rises on the old Town Hall.