Alberto Nalesso


Of a mild and quiet nature, but always ready for change and discovery. My life's journey has always been marked by a desire to change and face new challenges, while remaining firmly anchored in healthy principles such as family and friendship.

I have always admired free-thinking people with great respect for others.

Neither a perfect situation nor a perfect person exists. Each story has its own nuances.

I have spent a large part of my life imitating models that are not mine, and the result has been a lot of mistakes.

I think every circumstance in life brings with it challenges and imperfections. Often what makes a situation perfect is our attitude and our ability to adapt and find the best in what we have. Perfection is a subjective ideal, so what is perfect for one person may not be perfect for another.

I am convinced that instead of striving for perfection, it may be more useful to focus on how we can continually improve our present circumstances, accepting imperfection and working towards realistic and achievable goals. I firmly believe that suspension of judgement and gratitude can help you find a fulfilling dimension in your personal life and work.

Besides my personal interests, my thoughts define who I am. It is my goal to write my story and make it unique.