Mindfulness Courses

Meditative practices are now an optimal tool for achieving some important objectives within the company. In this post, we talk about Mindfulness courses which are a process that cultivates the ability to bring attention to the present moment through awareness and acceptance of the current time.

These methods that arise from the ancient Buddhist psychology which claims that happiness does not depend on what we are experiencing but on how deeply and consciously we are immersed in that experience, and the gratification of the person depends precisely on this knowledge. They have now become an integral part of our culture. Buddhism does not recommend a change in our external realities, rather, it requires us to change our cognitive and emotional level to correct those mistakes that our mind makes because untrained and disciplined. Beyond current fashion, this important tool for self-knowledge, development and the achievement of awareness, has led experts in personal growth to apply it to corporate training.

Each of us every day must deal with the inner suffering that prevents the maintenance of psychophysical well-being. These Mindfulness courses place awareness and attention to current things in us, trying to eliminate suffering and negative moods by understanding and accepting active work on our mental states. It also tries to make up for the state of imbalance and pain that we are experiencing by one of greater perception of psychological well-being by relating the mind/body.

Who among us is not tormented by stress and by countless problems in the private and working sphere?

Preparatory Mindfulness courses for Executives

But the primary task of each person is to achieve a psychophysical balance in his or her existence that allows us to live moments of joy in the present moment, without being influenced by the problems of the past and by the anxiety of prospects. Because our existence is here and now. One of the main concepts of this discipline concerns the connection between mind/body – that is, learning and recognizing the various signals that our body sends to the cognitive-emotional sphere to understand and rationalize correctly the meaning of them. The state of awareness that involves the various regions of the brain can be essential to create good balance and well-being. It has been shown that practitioners with many years of meditation have developed greater cognitive skills than non-practitioners maintaining greater attention to things that produce well-being and with more difficulty to free themselves from distractions with the consequent benefit of increased memory, sleep, serenity and not least of productivity. For this reason, we induce this practice to the Managers of companies and to the directives who have to fight every day with increasing emphasis.

Since most of us spend many hours of our existence in the workplace, it is clear that the greatest effort to find balance and serenity must be applied in improving relationships with our colleagues.

We, at Venice Sunset, with our steady experience in organizing corporate events and creating team building activities, in recent years have experienced that these mindfulness courses for team building activities are extremely effective for the personal growth of the individual and for improving relationships within corporate teams.

A corporate event or incentive organized on this theme has always met with enormous success, making participants discover a new world. Even very sceptical people found that, at the end of the event, they had a new and exciting experience.

Certainly, meditation practices require a very long journey, but learning about them during a corporate event can be a unique experience that can then be cultivated even afterwards, both in private life and as business training.

How it unfolds:

The purpose of meditation is to manage stress by working on yourself and focusing on the present moment “here and now”.

Posture and concentration on breathing are important in meditative practices. Thoughts, physical sensations and emotions must be observed by “a non-judgmental self; which is the part of us and is the direct consequence of all our problems”.

The environment is important but it does not necessarily have to be silent, because meditation must be able to do it in any place if we want to reap the benefits.

A new way to discover! Or discover the best world that has always been within us!

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