Etruscan origins

Montepulciano is situated in the Province of Siena between the Valdichiana and the Val d’Orcia. The country has very ancient origins that date back to the Etruscan era of the fourth century BC.

With its landscape immortalized in the past and the future is full of Scots pine, oak and chestnut trees and a swing of plains where still prevails today its rural characteristics, producing an excellent quality of wine DOCG.

The town has Etruscan origins and the center is characterized by a medieval village with “S-shape” and surrounded by walls dating from the fourteenth century.

In the twelfth century, Montepulciano faced the help of Perugia, Orvieto, and Florence a few wars by the Republic of Siena which wanted to subdue it. In the thirteenth century, with the help of the merchant class, manufacturing and agriculture, began to attract interest from Siena and Florence, in alliance with the latter in the three hundred thanks to the strategic stronghold hold south of Siena.

From four hundred to five hundred, the country enjoyed a good period thanks to political stability and cultural prestige. Around 1560, however, lost the strategic relevance while maintaining the prestige with the help of local noble families who provided great men to the Church, arts, and weapons.

Events in Montepulciano

There are many events taking place during the year: antique fair, craft festivals, and pageants. At each event a parade of comedians embellished with traditional period costumes of the place to give life and real historical shows and make the pretty village even more charming.