Rafting – Veneto Mountain Team-Building

Team building rafting, not only provide training opportunities but also entertainment, acquiring values through play that otherwise would not be possible.

The participants of the activity will discover the magnificent surroundings of the south-eastern Trentino valley, which is bordered by Vicenza, Belluno, and, to the west and east, by the Brenta river.

What better scenario to organize a rafting team-building activity in close contact with nature that will enhance identity, cooperation, synergy, and the spirit of a corporate team focused on achieving a common goal.

In rafting, you descend a river using an inflatable boat made from a material that is extremely resistant, unsinkable, and self-bailing. By using paddles, the crew steers the raft between the rapids. At the head of the raft, an expert guide coordinates operations and leads both experts and less experienced people on the descent.

It is possible to navigate rivers by different degrees of difficulty. Brenta river is classified as grade II (medium – not difficult); stream with easy to avoid and clearly visible obstacles. A line of descent is clearly evident, even if it requires some large maneuvers, arousing emotion and satisfaction, but not fear.

It is the safest and most adventurous way to discover the Valley enclosed by stone terraces, small villages clinging to the rocks and natural glimpses of rare beauty.

Assisted by expert guides of the Rafting Federation

Expert guides belonging to the Italian Rafting Federation equipped with the latest technical equipment approved according to EU regulations assist the descent.

Before embarking, the guide also provides a short theoretical briefing explaining the fundamental operations for the drop and the safety measures to be taken. We put the safety of all participants before the fun.

Diverse routes are available: from calmer waters, suitable for all ages, to more challenging routes for those who are not just starting.

The following services are provided in addition to river activity:

  • Indoor training events can be held in a meeting room with up to 100 seats;
  • Picnic areas are available;
  • An area reserved for barbecues, including self-managed ones;
  • Halfway through the rafting activity, a sports aperitif or spritz is served;
  • By reservation, light lunch or grilled food is provided;
  • Lavatory, dressing rooms and hot showers are available.
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