Sales Incentive Ideas: New Destinations To Discover

Also for 2019, the ranking of goals for the organization of corporate incentives are rather obvious. It seems that London remains firmly the first position as the most popular destination followed by Paris, Barcelona and Berlin. We, at Venice Sunset, offer all the classic destinations, but we are also proposing new destinations that you don’t hear about very often. To give you an example this year we started to propose Bilbao, Colmar and Wroclaw … have you ever considered them for your corporate event?! To find out, read our post on sales incentive ideas.

Sales incentive ideas for enchanting and unexpected landscapes

Have you ever heard of Wroclaw? This beautiful town is called the “Polish Venice” because it develops on the older river and its numerous tributaries and counts almost a hundred bridges like our wonderful Venice. Wroclaw with its festivals and concerts is also an optimal destination for a cultural incentive event.

What about Bilbao? We all know that it hosts one of the most famous museums of contemporary art in the world, the “Guggenheim” but, perhaps, not everyone knows that in this city the authorities have invested huge sums of money to redevelop it and give it a green footprint. Bilbao is also a city of water because it overlooks the Nerviòn river that flows into the Bay of Biscay. Bilbao is also the ideal destination for a corporate incentive with an eco-sustainable and food and wine theme.

And Colmar with its charming coloured houses built along the canals? Or the Riesling valley on the Moselle River with its excellent wine? For sure you have certainly never considered destinations such as Croatia, Slovenia or Montenegro. These small republics offer visits to city features and breathtaking landscapes that are carefully preserved so as to consider the protection of the environment as one of the fundamental prerogatives of government policies.

Company incentives discovering emerging capitals

Our programming does not end here! In addition to the most popular destinations for corporate incentive trips such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, we also recommend the new emerging capitals of Eastern Europe such as Budapest, Zagreb and Sofia. These are just a few examples of cities that give off a particular energy thanks to a young population with a great desire for change. Not to mention that they give the possibility to organize a luxury incentive event at reasonable costs.

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