Small Ocean Sailboats

An interesting proposal for all lovers of the sea and open air. Small ocean sailboats with a maximum capacity of 20 guests extremely fast and equipped with every comfort for daysailing or with more days available for visiting the wonderful islands of our Peninsula.

This yacht has a length of 21 meters, sloop armed (boat with a single mast equipped with a single forestay to which the jib is inferred which, together with the mainsail, forms the sail) and 28 meters mast. It is equipped with 6 double cabins, 4 bathrooms and a crew cabin with services.

The sailboat is able to navigate quickly in any weather condition without neglecting the safety aspect as it is equipped with the highest levels of equipment such as Radar, Epirb “radio transmitter indicating the emergency position”; Satellite; Ssb “radio system for transmission over very long distances”; Ais “to avoid collisions at sea with other boats” and Cartographic. Its important sail surface characterizes it for its speed, however combining the remarkable onboard comfort which allows for exhilarating sailing experiences.

Each cabin is equipped with air conditioning, a large kitchen area and a teak wood deck (Flush Deck); that is, a perfectly flat deck without an elevated deckhouse which makes the walkway very agile.

Small Ocean sailboats for tours and excursions to the Italian islands

The small ocean sailboats are offered in charter service complete with crew. An exhilarating experience for sea enthusiasts as it allows different methods of daily excursions to the islands near the embarkation and disembarkation point (Formia – LT), or with the navigation of at least three days there is the possibility to visit different islands, glimpses coastal, or offshore navigation to discover idyllic landscapes.

The embarkation point is not far from the Capital, therefore easily reachable with high-speed trains or regional trains departing from Termini Station with a journey of just over an hour, or with private transfers and special assistance for the entire duration of the trip. 

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