Spritz Venice

Osterie and Bacari

It was drunk by our fathers and our grandfathers in the famous wine bars in Venice, Padua and Trieste that all claim paternity rights to the spritz. Nowadays, it has become fashionable with a much-awaited moment that coincides with the end of a long and stressful day of work or study. This ancient beverage intoxicates the mind and gives a slightly relaxing environment involving you sip after sip during a pleasant conversation with your friends. Spritz Venice, is an expected and enjoyable time both for the youth as well as for the older ones.


Spritz Venice is still prepared by bartenders in the same way it was in the past: white wine 40%, 30% soda, and at choice, 30% of Campari, Aperol or Select (this last little known outside Veneto) by adding a slice of lemon or an olive. It is usually accompanied with some appetizers, the famous ciccheti which are small appetizers of cold cuts, cheeses, grilled vegetables, fried fish or grilled. This ancient habit, has become a fashionable rite giving life and colour to the streets, piazze and campielli. Crowds of young people meet around seven o’clock in the evening to spend some time  with friends, laughing, joking and forgeting for a while the every day problems.

Origins of spritz Venice

The name probably comes from the German verb spritz “spritzen” which means to spray, or the name of a German wine region of the “Wachau”. Indeed, it seems that the spritz was born during the period of  the Austrian domination, when soldiers of the imperial troops not accustomed to the high alcohol content of Italian wines used to have them stretch with water.