Squero Venice

The built of the precious gondola

Squero Venice is the guardian of ancient crafts now almost disappeared. The Squero is a site where various types of wooden boats including the famous gondola are built and repaired. The term “Squero” comes from the word “Squara” meaning a team of people who cooperate with one other for the realization of the boats. The techniques used are still those of the old Venetian Republic which have been handed down from father to son until the present day and still allow the construction of this elegant and fascinating boat.

Guided tours to the Squero Venice

We organize guided tours to Squero for singles and groups to see closely craftsmen who, with their craftsmanship and craft tools, work directly on the gondolas. During the visit, a craftsman will reveal precious secrets as well as providing you with a detailed description of how a gondola is made: from the choice of various woods that are positioned in different areas of the hull to begin the construction, the realization of the forcola used for the oar made on the exact height of the gondolier, to the special coloration and finishing with the special decorations required each time by the gondoliers themselves. The Squero, a magical place where time seems to have stopped, but still today a place full of history and life where these beautiful boats are repaired every year and produced using the same ancient techniques.

The visit will be with our best-authorized guides who will give you any information about the city of Venice and, at the same time, tell you about the singular anecdotes of this wonderful city.

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