Etruscan origins

Tarquinia is located in the Province of Viterbo, about 45 kilometers from the capital. The town has Etruscan origins and still retains the passage of various ages from Roman Gravisca to medieval of Corneto. Etruscans Kings offspring including the elder Tarquin Prisco, Servius Tullius, and Tarquin the Proud.

The city was repeatedly fought with Rome submitting after the battle of Sentino in the third century BC, in 295 BC, then making part of the Royal VII Etruria. Subsequently, it was part of the Roman-Gothic kingdom of Theodoric, the Gothic War in the fourth century and later the Lombard Duchy of Tuscia, then passing ownership of the Papal States.

Necropolis in Tarquinia

Tarquinia hosts the Vitelleschi Palace, a Gothic and Renaissance building with inside the National Museum Tarquinese with exhibits of cemeteries, tombstones and sarcophagi of Etruscan and Roman era. Worthy of note where there is today town, the necropolis of Monterozzi built into the volcanic soil, with about six thousand tombs properly painted including the tombs of the Bulls and Shields.

Many are the monuments and museums to be seen, in addition to the historic center and important UNESCO World Heritage Sites recognized archaeological sites. With over two hundred painted graves and frescoes, the area is a very important nucleus of Etruscan art.