Fine wines

Trasimeno gathers various types of wine produced in the homonymous district wine tourism in the Province of Perugia.

The wine route of Colli Trasimeno was known since ancient times by the Etruscans, Romans, Byzantines, Carthaginians, and by the Umbrians fishermen of Lake St. Francis, the Pilgrims of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance artists.

The population of Trasimeno has a strong belief in the toast which welcome and auspicious arrival of the traveler and the friendship of the moment he leaves because there is a wise saying: “People for whom life offers no wealth can be used well without being properly shared with friends”.

Every traveler along the route through Colli Trasimeno can develop a complicity with their first glass by tasting the first to quench thirst, the second in the liberation of the joyful nature of the wine, the third that the wine should always be expressed with mystics accents: taste, color, and flavor that helps bring out feelings of passion and lust, the fourth on the subverted perception and the revelation of the veiled truth.

Wine Routes of Trasimeno

The particular shape of the surrounding area has allowed the precious cultivation of vineyards a place as green jade stones embedded on the edge of a forest or a grove to the fields of sunflowers and wheat.

The Wine Road of “Colli Trasimeno” winds on four routes, all of which are at the same starting point identified north – northwest in Tuoro, north – northeast in Corciano and south-southwest in Città Della Pieve. In the territories of Tuoro and Passignano there is “between the fields of Annibale”; In the territories of Magione and Corciano there is: “the footsteps of the Knights of Malta”; in the territories of Città Della Pieve, Paciano, Panicale, Piegaro there is “the lands of Perugino” and finally, in the territory of Castiglione del Lago, there is: “the marquis of Ascanio Della Corgna”.