Venetian Festival: Redentore’s History

Venice in feast

Venetian Festival. On the third Sunday of July is celebrated the Redentore Festival, a very important occasion for the Venetians. On Saturday night takes place a majestic fireworks display with its lights and reflections illuminating the basin of St. Mark’s and the Giudecca Canal. Since the early afternoon all the venetians with their boats decorated for the occasion take place in the basin of St. Mark’s. Fireworks show begins at approximately 23.30 and lasts about an hour – while people spend their time singing songs, eating and drinking wine on their boats.

Popular celebration for the Venetian festival

The origins of the venitian festival “Redentore” commemorates the plague that affected Venice between 1575 and 1577 and killed fifty thousand people. In 1576, the Senate of the Republic decided to erect the Church of Redentore in the hope of a miracle. On 13/07/1577, the disease was finally overcome and, from that moment on, in order to remember this event, a popular celebration is called every year in summertime.

In the days of the Redentore, a bridge of boats long 330 meters is built on the Giudecca Canal by the italian army to facilitate the reaching of the Redentore Basilica by the population of Venice and for all the tourists and devoted people who want to visit the Basilica located at the Giudecca.