Venice Tours

An exhaustive tour

If you come for the first time in Venice, this tour is the right one for you. In three hours we suggest these Venice tours on the most popular places in town such as St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, and on some other less known places but even of great interest mainly located at Castello District.

We start from St. Mark’s, a large auditorium surrounded by buildings that were the heart of the Republic: the Basilica, Doge’s Palace, Procuratie and the Library. This is the wider open space in Venice and was, therefore, the appropriate place for the unfolding of the many civil and religious processions, which in time became a real tourist attraction.

Oldest campi with Venice tours

With our Venice walking tour, we move on to one of the oldest campi (streets) in the city, Santa Maria Formosa, where the different buildings around us give us the opportunity to become familiar with the elaborate styles of the Venetian architecture. Arriving at Campo Santi Giovanni e Paolo, where there is the greatest building in the city, the monastery church of the Dominicans and beside it, you can admire the ancient seat of the Scuola di San Marco with its marble facade.

We take a break near the house of Marco Polo located before the splendid view of the most famous bridge in Venice, Rialto. Over the bridge we enter the commercial and financial heart of the old Republic, Rialto itself: now understood as a market fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and one of the liveliest parts of town. After the tour, sitting in one of the wine bars in the area, you can relax and enjoy a tasty Cicchetti and drinking a good glass of wine with our licensed tour guide.

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