Venice Walking Tour

Seduction and romance in an unusual Venice

This Venice walking tour starts from the railway station of Venice where our guide will be waiting for you. After the meeting, there will be a water taxi ready for a nice cruise on the Grand Canal, the most important waterway in Venice. During this cruise, you can admire the magnificent buildings belonging to the noble family.

The walk continues to the elegant St. Mark’s Square, surrounded by the governmental buildings of the ancient Republic: this was, in fact, the political, religious and cultural center of the city. A short but important visit to the shining gold Byzantine Saint Mark’s church, one of the most incredible Christian buildings ever built. Our guide, during the tour, will plan with you a tour according to your needs. If you want, it is also possible to board for a gondola ride.

Discover the Districts with Venice walking tour

The last part of the tour consists of a romantic walk to Cannaregio located north-east of the city to get to know the less known and frequented part of Venice. In fact, this characteristic area still retains an authentic Venetian style. If you prefer, you can visit the Rialto area and watch the splendor of the Grand Canal from the top of the Rialto bridge and heading then into the commercial district of Venice known as the financial and commercial center for much of its history and one of the most advanced of Europe. At the end of the tour, the guide will take you to a typical and charming Venetian trattoria where you can savor the genuine Venetian food still cooked with simple and genuine ingredients.

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