Revival of Venetian rowing traditions

November 11, 1974 – in order to draw the attention of the progressive deterioration of the city, a group of friends organized a race today known as Vogalonga to live again the ancient Venetian traditions. These are, in fact, the years of the total decay of the lagoon and the city that begins have the damage caused by the wave of industrialization and motor boats.

Ardent supporters of this initiative were: Lauro Bergamo, then director of “The Gazzettino” Toni Rosa Slva and Giuseppe Rosa Salva, always engaged in the defense of Venice. On 8 May 1975 (SENSA day ancient feast of the Serenissima), 500 boats showed up for the race with nearly 1,500 participants. For the first time in years gondola, sandolo, mascareta, caorlina, topa, peata and the Viper with the famous rowing clubs, regained possession of Venice.


The unexpected success of the Vogalonga increased over the years reached in 2007 about 1550 boats with 5800 participants. The route runs from the St. Mark’s Basin and the Grand Canal to the islands of Burano and Murano – to return, finally, into Venice from Cannaregio Canal which flows into the Grand Canal and finish before Punta della Salute. All those who reach the finish line will receive a commemorative medal and a certificate of participation. This amazing festival takes place every year in May.

This festival is deeply felt for all citizens as it represents the best way to represent the seafaring origins of the lagoon city.