Vogue – Rowing Lessons

A very original team building in Venice for all those who love sport on the water with special Venetian vogue lessons.

The Venetian vogue is a particular technique in Venice with a single rower and with one or two oars to steer the boat. Furthermore, this technique is very important because every year, in September, the best competitors participate during the historical regatta.

Basically, this rowing differs from the others for the rowing stands towards the bow using one or two oars fixed to the fork to facilitate manoeuvres and conduction as it has no rudder.

Albeit, each boat has a certain number of places, the key places are the Pope and the Provier.

The Pope rows astern with the fork on starboard, leading the boat route and giving orders to the crew. The Provier, at the bow with the fork on the left checking the rowing that all rowers must respect during the ride of about 1.30 H.

Vogue lessons – team building groups in Venice

Team building is organized by human resources so that a group understanding can be developed in task-oriented work groups. The activity aims at increasing the typical skills of a company by ensuring that each participant belongs to the working group.

Moreover, each boat contains a maximum of seventeen seats and participants are helped by experienced rowers giving notions on rowing with the boat still moored and the behaviour to keep on board during the rowing of about 90 minutes by learning how to steer the boat yourself as gondolier does.

Finally, the boats stay as close together as possible to share the team-building experience.

Without a doubt, fun for everyone and group cohesion because to lead the boat there must be an absolute understanding and excellent coordination of all rowers.

Lastly, since rowing involves an effort, we do not recommend this team-building activity to people suffering from heart problems.

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